Family Golf Week To Introduce New Tournaments That Include Daughters

As a the largest Father and Son event in the world, the Father & Son Team Classic has always placed an emphasis on family bonds and particularly those created through memorable events and fun competition, specifically, golf. Based upon the feedback from many participants over the years, there is a strong consensus of the need to include daughters. Therefore, the tournament committee for the Father & Son Team Classic has announced two additional golf tournaments to be held concurrently with the Father & Son Team Classic; (1) the Father & Daughter Team Classic and (2) the Mother & Daughter Team Classic.

While the three-day Father & Son Team Classic will be held July 16 – 18, 2015, the Father & Daughter and Mother & Daughter Team Classics will be held July 16 and 17, 2015 as a two-day competition. Participants for all three events will basically share the same schedule of events to include tournament registration, the Family Affair featuring Demo Alley and format of play for the first two rounds. The awards ceremony, however, will be held separately and immediately following the second round for the Father/Mother & Daughter tournament and following the third round for the Father & Son tournament. As for the format of play, all participants on day one will play Better Ball (using 80% of handicap); on day two will play Captain Choice (using 30% of total team handicap); on day three only the Father & Son tournament participants will play Alternate Shot (using 40% of total team handicap).

Brad Greenstein, tournament director for the Father & Son Team Classic presented by PGA TOUR Superstore states, “So many times we have been asked, ‘Why aren’t the daughters included?’ We were hesitant because of the uncertainty of having enough to fill the tournament field. Now, as the Father & Son ramps up for its eighteenth year, it’s time to open the door for the entire family to enjoy the camaraderie, the bonding experience and the lifetime of memories created. Our plan is to create an entire family golf experience in the greatest family destination in the world – Myrtle Beach, SC. What better venue than Family Golf Week.”



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