Father Son
Father / Son
Uncle / Nephew
Grandfather / Grandson
Stepfather / Stepson
Father / Son-In-Law
Parent / Child
Mother / Daughter
Aunt / Niece
Grandmother / Granddaughter
Stepmother / Stepdaughter
Mother / Daughter-In-Law
Father / Daughter
Uncle / Niece
Grandfather / Granddaughter
Stepfather / Stepdaughter
Father / Daughter-In-Law
Mother / Son
Aunt / Nephew
Grandmother / Grandson
Stepmother / Stepson
Mother / Son-In-Law

*Any combination of players are allowed on a team as long as there is a generation gap between them, they do not need to be related.

With your entry fee of $1095 you’ll receive a welcome gift bag valued at over $500 per team (each player will receive shirt/hat, balls, $150 gift card & more), three rounds of golf with lunch following, and be able to attend wonderful banquets after play with food and drink!

Each participant will receive a $150 Family Golf Week gift card as part of their welcome gift bag.

The Family Golf Week gift card is valid for our Family Golf Week Online Store, as well as the Family Golf Week store on site during the event.

The Family Golf Week gift card is also valid at the host golf courses beginning July 8th. It can be used for practice rounds, food & drink, merchandise and more!

All gift cards will be emailed to the email address on file for each player.  Players sharing an email address may not receive their gift cards and will need to give us a call to receive the number.  Gift cards are processed in batches once registrations are received and players may not receive the card number until a few weeks after their registration.

You may book practice rounds in advance for $55 by calling each golf course directly. Players have the option to pay with your gift card upon arrival.

The Father Son tournament will be comprised of five divisions: Parent Child, Seasoned Senior, Super Senior, Senior, and National, with approximately 24 flights.

  • National Division participants (59 and under) will play the nearest tee box to 6,200 yds.
  • Senior Division participants (60+) will play the nearest tee box to 5,800 yds.
  • Super Senior Division participants (70+) will play the nearest tee box to 5,400 yds.
  • Seasoned Senior Division participants (80+) will play the shortest tee box on the golf course.
  • Junior participants (7-11 years old) will play the shortest tee box on the golf course.*
  • Women will play approx 5,000 yards or the default ladies tee box.

*The oldest team player will determine your division in the tournament unless you want to compete in the National Division. All teams that want to compete for the National Championship will require BOTH players to play from the Standard tees regardless of age with exception to juniors under 12. You may drop down from a Senior Division to the National Division on your handicap submission form. There is not a specific junior division. The eldest players age will determine the division.

The Parent Child Team Classic will feature one division broken down by team handicap as needed based on participation.

Thursday, July 18, 2024 – Two Person Better Ball

Each player plays their own ball. Each team will have two scores per hole. The counting score will be the team’s best score per hole.

Handicaps will be determined by taking 80% of a player’s tournament handicap. All other USGA and local rules will apply.

Friday, July 19, 2024 – Two Person Captains Choice

After best shot is selected by the team members, the other ball may be placed with in six inches of where the chosen ball lay, not nearer the hole and not on the putting green. On the putting green the other ball must be placed on the spot where the chosen ball lay.

Handicaps have been determined by combining both tournament handicaps and taking 30% of that total. All other USGA and local rules will apply.

Saturday, July 20, 2024 – Modified Alternate Shot

Both players will hit a tee shot and select a ball to play. Players will then alternate shots from the tee shot forward until the ball is holed. One score for each hole to determine the team score.

Handicaps have been determined by combining both tournament handicaps and taking 40% of that total. All other USGA and local rules will apply.

*Players will only record gross scores on each hole for every format and the tournament committee will handle all net score adjustments.

Teams will be flighted for competition based upon the team’s handicap total.

All participants MUST have an active and updated GHIN/WHS handicap. Players will be flighted using the current index displayed on their GHIN/WHS handicap profile. 

If you do not already have an active and up to date GHIN/WHS handicap you will want to reach out to your USGA Allied Golf Association found HERE to establish one prior to June.

This is for the benefit of the entire field. Please note that it is the responsibility of individual participants to provide their handicap information/ form to the tournament committee.

Handicap verification forms will be e-mailed. Please make sure to have your handicap verification form returned in a timely manner. Teams that fail to have these forms in by the deadline may be penalized.

The tournament committee will make every attempt to assist you in this process. If you or your playing partner do not have an established GHIN/WHS handicap, you MUST establish one to be eligible for tournament prizes.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding handicaps, (800) 506-7511.

All handicaps are actively monitored by the Tournament Committee and are subject to change at any time.

If you have any further questions, please contact us by clicking HERE.

Tee times will run from 7:45AM to 10:00AM on a double tee for rounds 1 and 2, and Saturdays final round will be an 8:45AM shotgun start.

You may request to play in the same flight as another team, but all players will have to play down to the lowest team handicap of the players involved.

For example: If TEAM 1 has a 32.4 handicap and wanted to play with TEAM 2 that has a 19.2 handicap, then TEAM 1 would be flighted with each player being equally adjusted to reach a team handicap of 19.2. Once flighting is complete, TEAM 1 will have their handicaps restored to the highest threshold of that flight (not to exceed their original handicaps) in order to give them as much of their original handicap as possible (If the threshold was 24.2, then each TEAM 1 member would receive half of the 5.0 index points and play at a team handicap of 24.2 for the event). Requesting to be in the same flight as a friend DOES NOT mean you will be placed in the same grouping.

The tournament committee requires all Flight Together requests to be made on the handicap submission form.  No changes will be made to a player’s flight once the course assignments are announced.

Parent-Child teams CANNOT request to be flighted on the same course as Father-Son teams.

Yes, word of mouth has always been our best marketing tool! Teams that refer other teams will be rewarded $100 in Family Golf Week gift cards upon arrival at tournament check-in ($50/pp). To be considered, neither participant on the referred team may have played in the event at any point in time.  All referrals must properly list the referring team during registration. No credit will be rewarded after a registration has been processed. Want us to do the leg work for you? Fill out this quick form to tell a friend all about the tournament. All you need is their e-mail address!

Yes! If you are a PGA, LPGA, GCSAA member, you may participate for an entry fee of $995! Verification of membership is required upon entry.

Cancel requests received:

-Between registration & end of day June 28th, 2024 will be refunded minus a $350 processing fee (Players will keep their gift cards).
-Between June 29th, 2024 and end of day July 14th, 2024 will be refunded minus a $500 processing fee (Players will keep their gift cards).
-After July 14th, 2024 no refunds are provided for any reason.

You must cancel by e-mail to or in writing to Family Golf Week, 2051 Golf Academy Way, N. Myrtle Beach, SC 29582.

Inclement Weather Policy. Every effort will be made to complete each day’s event. There is always a chance of thundershowers and suspension of play. The professional staff at that site will keep you advised. Play will resume as soon as it is safe to return to the golf course. In the case of a cancelled round, continue with next day’s assigned course. Completion of at least one round will constitute final tournament results.

Additionally, one round of tournament play will constitute a completed tournament in the event of prolonged inclement weather. No refunds or exchanges will be made if the tournament is cancelled or shortened due to weather, nature or act of God. Should severe weather (i.e. hurricane, natural disaster, or other act of God) require the entire tournament to be cancelled prior to the first day of play, participants will receive their Player Tee Gift by mail along with a discounted entry fee of $200 for the following year’s tournament.

You can reach us by phone at 1-800-506-7511 or by e-mail at!



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