Prizes can be claimed starting Saturday with photo ID at the Family Golf Week Store located at the Putters Pub / Barefoot Resort Practice Facility.

See below for full list of contest winners & raffle prizes!

Family Golf Week Entry For LIFE47141ROBERT TURBYFILL
2024 Family Golf Week Entry45084EDWARD EVANS
2024 Family Golf Week Entry43832RODNEY HOKE
2024 Family Golf Week Entry36888DANIEL PHILLIPS
2024 Family Golf Week Entry31592STEVEN SPANO
Vacation Condos – 7 Night Stay At Select Resorts45848ANDREA DOOLITTLE
Golf Trail/Golf Trek – 4 Person MB Golf Vacation46371JEFF GRAY
Midsouth/Talamore Getaway 4 People 3 Rnds 2 Night44890MICHAEL AGRESTI
SC Midlands Golf Vacation 4 People 3 Rnds 3 Night35725DAVE KOOINAN
MB Marriott Resort Vacation – 2 Nights Stay45000JON CARAWAN
Harrah’s Cherokee Resort – 3 Nights & Golf For 235353TOD HENBY
Caesar’s Southern Indiana – 3 Nights & Golf For 233700TRAVIS SIMPSON
Stihl – FS91 Gas String Trimmer By John Deere38694DAN LOTT
2 Tickets To Dallas Cowboys Game – 202344195DANIEL KUBACAK
$100 Family Golf Week Gift Card41202FRED COVELLI
$100 Family Golf Week Gift Card35000JOHN CURRY
$100 Family Golf Week Gift Card40456AARON PERSILY
$100 Family Golf Week Gift Card43688JENS BOLLEYER
$100 Family Golf Week Gift Card37435MIKE HOLBROOK
$100 Family Golf Week Gift Card40540KEITH KROPP
$100 Family Golf Week Gift Card42620MIKE MULHAIR
$100 Family Golf Week Gift Card46191WILL KRUZZO
$100 Family Golf Week Gift Card31722GALEN COOPER
$100 Family Golf Week Gift Card43259RYAN BROWN
$50 PGA Tour Superstore Gift Card45534CHRIS ADAMS
$50 PGA Tour Superstore Gift Card31111GREG SINGHAUS
$50 PGA Tour Superstore Gift Card43367ERNEST RENAUD
$50 PGA Tour Superstore Gift Card36135BRIAN ORIELLY
$50 PGA Tour Superstore Gift Card30303BOB HENDRICK
$50 PGA Tour Superstore Gift Card43560MICHAEL COWELL
$50 PGA Tour Superstore Gift Card46527BRETT CALVERT
$50 PGA Tour Superstore Gift Card37997SCOTT SPEARS
$50 PGA Tour Superstore Gift Card33465ED VANGO
$50 PGA Tour Superstore Gift Card30144GEOFFREY EVANS
REVO Sunglasses32334PETE WALSH
REVO Sunglasses32636JAY JOHNSON
REVO Sunglasses35459JOE PARSONS
REVO Sunglasses33804STAN MARTZ
REVO Sunglasses46688T MARRILLIA
REVO Sunglasses42565ANDY OBRIEN
REVO Sunglasses36067BRYAN ARNOLD
Wison Stand Bag30653DONALD DARLING
Callaway Stand Bag41108KEN MCCLANAHAN
Srixon Stand Bag36769BRIAN PAONE
Titleist Stand Bag48103RICK BARNES
2023 Augusta Themed Tour Staff Bag37882DOUG ERNEY
2023 US Open Themed Tour Staff Bag31496WILL HEDGCOCK
RTIC 30oz Tumbler42924SAM CONTE
RTIC 30oz Tumbler40096MIKE MCLURD
RTIC 30oz Tumbler37760KEVIN SHAW
RTIC 30oz Tumbler38258GARY DAVIS
RTIC 30oz Tumbler39553BRYAN KENDRICK
RTIC 30oz Tumbler40845JEFF MOCK
Kerrigan 20oz Stainless Tumbler40141BARRY GEORGE
Kerrigan 20oz Stainless Tumbler47618GARY YATES
Kerrigan 20oz Stainless Tumbler39302STEVE ZURAWSKI
Kerrigan 20oz Stainless Tumbler46634STEVE HARVEY
Kerrigan 20oz Stainless Tumbler47419BRYAN BAQUER
Kerrigan 20oz Stainless Tumbler42112BRIAN MASTALSKI
16oz Swig Stainless Steel Bottle38499RICHARD STRYKER
16oz Swig Stainless Steel Bottle46618DOUG ALLEN
16oz Micro Brew Set Of 2 Glasses37258BEAUFORD COULTER
16.5oz Brewski Beer Set Of 2 Glasses47522JEFF GOLLEHON
20.25oz Elite Red Stemless Set Of 230479MO MOORE
18.5oz Elite Red Wine Set Of 235521TERRY PRAHL
Dozen Chrome Soft Golf Balls47003CHARLES MCCOLL
Dozen Chrome Soft Golf Balls35890DENNIS CULLOP
Dozen Chrome Soft Golf Balls32084STEVEN PIERCYN
Dozen Chrome Soft Golf Balls33061ALBERT BEEDIE
Dozen Chrome Soft Golf Balls43459DAVID BARR
Dozen Chrome Soft Golf Balls42754JACK DIXON
Dozen Srixon Q Star Golf Balls46737JAMES JENKINS
Dozen Srixon Q Star Golf Balls39733WILLIE THAMES
Dozen Srixon Q Star Golf Balls48616MACK JEFFREYS
Dozen Srixon Q Star Golf Balls34812RICHARD NANTZ
Dozen Srixon Q Star Golf Balls31876JAMES CAVANAUGH
Dozen Srixon Q Star Golf Balls45280LEE TODD
Pair Of Footjoy Golf Shoes39635JOSEPH GARTIN
Pair Of Footjoy Golf Shoes39984TODD DEB
Pair Of Footjoy Golf Shoes48528KEN HALABY
Pair Of Footjoy Golf Shoes41926RAYMOND ZAELIT
Pair Of Footjoy Golf Shoes41638CHARLES MARTIN
Pair Of Footjoy Golf Shoes39023GEORGE MOULTON
Footjoy Titleist TOUR Umbrella37741TRACEY BULBY
Footjoy Titleist TOUR Umbrella30914FRANKIE NUNN
Footjoy Titleist TOUR Umbrella34852MICHAEL ANDERSON
Wilson TOUR Umbrella46285BILL TRUESBLAE
American Themed Belt33299MATT POZSIK
American Themed Belt40621TIM WOOLFINGO
Barefoot Resort Golf For 4 – Love Course30737JOIHN CROFTS
Barefoot Resort Golf For 4 – Norman Course38432MARK BONDS
Barefoot Resort Golf For 4 – Fazio Course41878MICHAEL GREEN
Barefoot Resort Golf For 4 – Dye Course30363RAY BUCCERONE
Legends Resort Golf For 4 – Mooreland Course45766WILLIAM SINCHUK
Legends Resort Golf For 4 – Parkland Course47896GIACOMO BILECI
Legends Resort Golf For 4 – Oyster Bay36965JAMES GEORGE
Legends Resort Golf For 4 – Heritage Club36348CHARLIE POHAMIS
Wachesaw East – Golf For 448414DAVE HOOVLER
International Club – Golf For 437418JON HOLBROOK
Rivers Edge Golf Club – Golf For 441754MOLLY PIERCY
River Oaks Golf Plantation – Golf For 447679BRIAN WODARSKI
Sandpiper Bay Golf Club – Golf For 430260CHRIS HENDRICK
The Pearl Golf Links – Golf For 446987STANLEY BEAN
Crow Creek Golf Club – Golf For 436247TOBY POLMUS
Prestwick Country Club – Golf For 434111JOHN BACKERT
Diamondback Golf Club – Golf For 435061BRYAN CIONEK
Crown Park Golf Club – Golf For 438230RODOLFO GIL
Arcadian Shores Golf Club – Golf For 440328BOB JAWORSKI
Shaftesbury Glen – Golf For 440020JON IRKEO
Blackmoor Golf Club – Golf For 439852JOHNSTON BILL
International World Tour Golf Links – Golf For 446109DOUG NELSON
Pine Lakes Country Club – Golf For 438139GARY SPEARS


Prizes can be claimed starting Saturday with photo ID at the Family Golf Week Store located at the Putters Pub / Barefoot Resort Practice Facility.

See below for full list of contest winners & raffle prizes!

Arcadian Shores1#2Madison Burt
Arcadian Shores1#8Brad Curtis
Arcadian Shores1#15Colin Kilby
Arcadian Shores1#17John Smith
Arcadian Shores2#2Dylan Isley
Arcadian Shores2#8Brian Paone
Arcadian Shores2#15Ryan Sangchompuphen
Arcadian Shores2#17Tim Williams
Barefoot Dye1#3Andrew Squire
Barefoot Dye1#6Matt Troop
Barefoot Dye1#15Gary Carpenter Jr
Barefoot Dye1#17John Strong
Barefoot Dye2#3Brian Stapleton
Barefoot Dye2#6Rich Woolever
Barefoot Dye2#15Paul Swieboda
Barefoot Dye2#17Brandon Blanchard
Barefoot Love1#3Wiley Barrett
Barefoot Love1#9Joe Leelair
Barefoot Love1#11Dave Hoovler
Barefoot Love1#15Christian Miller
Barefoot Love2#3Jackson Burt
Barefoot Love2#9Ken Tregellas
Barefoot Love2#11KenTregellas
Barefoot Love2#15Matt Biddington
Crow Creek1#6Bryan Baquer
Crow Creek1#8Ryan Sangchompuphen
Crow Creek1#13Ryan Sangchompuphen
Crow Creek1#16Bill Samson
Crow Creek2#6Steve Harvey
Crow Creek2#8Alex Mullen
Crow Creek2#13Justin Beard
Crow Creek2#16Mallory McDaniel
Myrtlewood Palmetto1#4Chris Ingalls
Myrtlewood Palmetto1#7Fred Comings
Myrtlewood Palmetto1#11Gary Friend
Myrtlewood Palmetto1#17Chris Ingalls
Myrtlewood Palmetto2#4Justin Connelly
Myrtlewood Palmetto2#7Tanner Dixon
Myrtlewood Palmetto2#11Ted Schultz
Myrtlewood Palmetto2#17Steve Frishmuth
Prestwick1#5Tom Beeson
Prestwick1#8Carl Beaman
Prestwick1#13Ken Hershberger
Prestwick1#16Tony Backert
Prestwick2#5Mark Sexton
Prestwick2#8Tommy Xu
Prestwick2#13Mike Fabry
Prestwick2#16Zach Baker
Shaftesbury Glen1#4David Moore
Shaftesbury Glen1#8Jeff Gilder
Shaftesbury Glen1#11Daniel Kubacak
Shaftesbury Glen1#15Todd Deboer
Shaftesbury Glen2#4Larry Spivey
Shaftesbury Glen2#8Albert Beedie
Shaftesbury Glen2#11Brian Birt
Shaftesbury Glen2#15Mike Minzey
Wachesaw East1#4Paul Fontaine Jr
Wachesaw East1#8Shawn Randazzo
Wachesaw East1#12George Moulton
Wachesaw East1#15Peter Rordizzo
Wachesaw East2#4Cecily Berry
Wachesaw East2#8Brad Ausdemore
Wachesaw East2#12Mark Iglehart
Wachesaw East2#15Sirena Walsh


Prizes can be claimed starting Saturday with photo ID at the Family Golf Week Store located at the Putters Pub / Barefoot Resort Practice Facility.

See below for full list of contest winners & raffle prizes! (Ties broken by 9th hole, then 8th, etc.)

PlaceFirst NameLast NameFirst NameLast NameScore Prize
1ShaneMcClanahanKenMcClanahan-4$150 FGW Gift Card (per Player)
2DavidBarrBradyBarr-4$100 FGW Gift Card (per Player)
3MikeHarrisLandonHarris-3$100 FGW Gift Card (per Player)
4GeorgeBarbin JrGeorgeBarbin lll-3$100 FGW Gift Card (per Player)
5JackCurtisBradCurtis-32 Dozen Q Star Golf Balls
6MatthewPompeyAshtonLeonard-32 Dozen Q Star Golf Balls
7TracyBowlbyLoganBowlby-32 Dozen Q Star Golf Balls
8DennisCullopAndrewSynan-32 Dozen Q Star Golf Balls
9RobertBaderRobBader-22 Dozen Q Star Golf Balls
10KevinShawHoustonShaw-22 Dozen Q Star Golf Balls


Prizes can be claimed starting Saturday with photo ID at the Family Golf Week Store located at the Putters Pub / Barefoot Resort Practice Facility.

See below for full list of contest winners & raffle prizes! (Ties broken by lowest putts)

Divison ScoreWinnersPrize
National302Cole & Gary Davis$100 FGW Gift Card
National299Scott & Garrett Spivey$50 FGW Gift Card
National296Bryan & Bryan Baquer$50 FGW Gift Card
Senior282Colton & Rick Ryan$100 FGW Gift Card
Senior276Stuart & Maxcy Gregg$50 FGW Gift Card
Senior275Tony & Colin Backert$50 FGW Gift Card
Super Senior266Al Bise & Shane Hubbard$100 FGW Gift Card
Super Senior240MJ & Mo Moore$50 FGW Gift Card
Super Senior236Scott & Dave Yeager$50 FGW Gift Card
Seasoned 247Bob & Bob Burns$100 FGW Gift Card
Seasoned 230Rick & Rich Hewitt$50 FGW Gift Card
Seasoned 196Fred & Steve Cumings$50 FGW Gift Card
Parent Child 228Donald Caldwell & Cecily Berry$100 FGW Gift Card
Parent Child 206Mike & Kelly Mulhair$50 FGW Gift Card
Parent Child 191Don & Jane Tansor$50 FGW Gift Card


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