Parent Child Team Classic

Part of the Family Golf Week, the Parent / Child Team Classic operates concurrently with the Father & Son Team Classic. After 17 years of strictly fathers and sons, the tournament committee has now expanded to allow separate tournaments that will allow the entire family to take part in this long standing tradition.

Golf isn’t just for fathers and sons anymore. In fact, girls can do anything that boys can do, especially on the golf course. Who can play in this? Any combination of Parent & Child not specifically Father & Son. So many times as life moves forward on a daily basis. Dad works long hours and his little girl has a calendar full of events and too many friends to count. Then, suddenly, she is away at college only to find the next most-important man in her life, her husband. How did that time go by so quickly?

Why not use golf as your platform to slow down time just a little and bring back the daddy-daughter days? The Parent Child Team Classic can help you do that. This is time to enjoy travel together; time to enjoy entertainment together; time to enjoy eating dinner together; time to enjoy competing together; and time to just enjoy each other. Playing golf in a relaxed, competitive atmosphere with someone as special as your mother, father, son or daughter may not actually slow time down but it is certainly an outlet where bonds and memories are created and tend to last forever.

The Parent Child Team Classic is perfect for any combination of male/female family members with a generational gap. Join us in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina at Family Golf Week’s Parent Child Team Classic this July 15 – 18, 2020.

What's Included

Three rounds of golf at sensational courses.

Courses featured have been listed in the Top 100 in America.

+ Attendance to functions with free food and beverage
+ Daily lunch at the golf course
+ Your chance to win random drawings and contest prizes

2019 Gift Bag Included:

$150 Family Golf Week Gift Card Per Person
Logo’d Commemorative Shirt

Logo’d Commemorative Hat
One Dozen Srixon Golf Balls

Logo’d Commemorative Bag Tag
Men’s 2UNDR underwear or additional polo

Tournament Card
Performance Polo
Ahead USA Hat
Dozen Srixon Golf Balls
2UNDR Underwear
Tournament Bag Tag
Ahead USA Mini Backpack

*Family Golf Week Tournament Gift card is per player, valid to any participating golf course for green/cart fee, food/beverage, merchandise or to the Family Golf Week Tournament store! Pictures are for visual representation only. Actual product may differ from imagery. 2020 tournament gift package is subject to finalizing. Above products are for representation of prior year.

Only $995/ team!