Charlie Chats it Up at Father & Son

The 2019 Family Golf Week “Father of the Year,” Charlie Rymer, spent some time Thursday talking with Father & Son Team Classic participants. The competition is important, but as you’ll see and hear them tell Charlie, the enduring memories and family bonds formed at this event are priceless. Listen in!

Charlie Rymer:
Father-son golf is important to you guys. I mean, you’re competing at high level. I know you played really well today. Tell me a little bit about the strategy. I mean, who runs the show here?

Jack Brooks:
Hey, it’s a joint venture, really. And the key is not to fall out. We’re both very different style of players, and the format over here is very interesting. It’s very different to the European. And we are having a great time. And to be honest, our main aim to come out here, we didn’t really know what to expect, and the key was really to enjoy it. But after the position we’re in now, it’s definitely to go on and win it. So that’s what we’re going to be aiming to do in the next couple of days.

Charlie Rymer:
First time together in competition, right? I mean, you guys play golf together sometime, right?

Larry Jordan:
We actually just picked up the game this year. This is the second time we played together. He was home couple of weeks ago, and we played Brookshire Golf Course.

Charlie Rymer:
And so both of you guys just started this year, and then here you are, down playing in this Father & Son event in Myrtle Beach. That’s pretty bold right there. Have you felt comfortable coming and playing in this competition?

Josh Jordan:
Oh actually, today was extremely comfortable. We got grouped up with a nice group of people. So there was no pressure or anything. We were just out there having fun.

Charlie Rymer:
That’s what you guys are going to find when you play golf, whether it’s Myrtle Beach or anywhere. As golfers, we’re a nice group of people, and the competition is one thing, but the friendships are really what this sport is all about.

So you made a relationship yesterday. You think you’re going to make any more relationships this week?

Larry Jordan:
Oh, absolutely. We’ve got plenty of time for that. Everywhere we go. Matter of fact, when I first checked in here, I met Mike, the owner of this competition here, and outstanding young man. Very nice.

Charlie Rymer:
So if there are folks out there that are looking at this, and they’re thinking about taking up golf, and then they’re also maybe thinking about, “Hey, you know what? This Father & Son thing. That sounds really cool.” Because it’s hard to find time to spend with your parent or your child, what would you say to encourage them?

Josh Jordan:
Definitely give it a try, especially since they match you up handicap-wise and whatnot. I was kind of nervous at first, but you tee off that first shot, like I said, there’s no pressure at all. It’s just having fun.

Charlie Rymer:
So I can see Darin. He’s a competitor. He’s talking about the competition, and it certainly is a competition, but a father-son event like this, it’s got to be, for you guys, a little bit more than just being about the competition. Am I right?

Parker M:
Well, anytime you can play golf with your son, it’s special. I mean, we do that at home. We do that at the club. We go to the range. But to come and compete with one another, when you have to depend on each other, and all of a sudden I’m not necessarily the boss, that changes things. That’s kind of how it happened today. I was not the boss. I was just paying attention, trying to hold on.

Charlie Rymer:
And events like this, it’s maybe a little bit more about the relationship building than the competition. Is that the case for you?

Darin MacDonald:
Oh, for sure. I love spending time with my dad.

Darin MacDonald:
Oh …



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