The Pedtke Family Use Tournament Golf For Family Bonding

We read with interest the Kijowski story you shared and said: “Hey, our Pedtke story is almost the same.”  In fact, I would wager there are several others among the veterans of the Father-Son tournament with similar stories.Our story started 4 years later.  Brian called and said: “Dad, there is a father-son golf tournament in Myrtle Beach.  I’ve taken golfing trips there before and it is a lot of fun.  Do you want to go?”  That was late 2001 just before the July 2002 event.

We have attend every year since then so this July will be the 17th year in a row.  We didn’t know about the Pedtke Family Golf Trophy Walltournament for its first four years but the tournament has been part of our lives since 2002 as our family has grown up.  We traveled by air the first few years but later decided driving the 10 plus hour trip from Dayton, Ohio took about the same amount of time as air travel and was more comfortable. The drive also enhanced the bonding.

Tom was 58 in 2002.  Brian, was 32 and had a 3-year old daughter and a newborn son.  His daughter, Brittni, is now 19 and in college studying to be a veterinarian tech and is already working part time at our local Vet.  His son, Matt, is now 16, a sophomore in high school, and a good golfer. A couple years ago Matt suggested to his father that he dump grandpa from the team and take him so he could play the tournament.  Brian said: “Okay, but you know grandpa pays most of the bills.”  We have not heard that idea since then but it is only a matter of time until Matt takes Tom’s place.

Pedtke Family Golf PortraitAfter the first year, Tom could not wait to turn 60 and move to those shorter tees.  While Brian is a 10 or less handicapper, Tom is over 20 for life.  It seemed like that three-year wait was forever; however, we have been fortunate taking home some crystal in nine (3 firsts, 3 seconds and 3 thirds) of the previous 16 years.  After Tom turned 60, we had a great run of 7awards in 10 years.  Tom hitting from the shorter tees and Brian taking the second shot worked out well…even in the dreaded Alternate Shot.  Now Tom is hitting from the over 70 tees but wishes he was50 years old again even if it means white tees!

We’ve stayed a few times at Myrtlewood and mostly Legends over the 16 years and that greatly enhanced the father-son bonding.  We even had friends on another father-son team room with us for about 4 years.  Over the 16 years, we played 31 courses in the Myrtle Beach area, numerousmore than once.  We’ve also played 18 different courses in practice rounds, 6 of which were never played in the tournament.  Thus, we have played 37 courses in Myrtle Beach.  There are over 100 golf courses in the areaso we figure we are going to have to play the Father-Son Tournament another 40 years to play them all!  Tom is now asking where the over 110-year old tees are located…the edge of the green?

— Tom & Brian Pedtke



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