June 2, 2020 Schedule of Events Update

Updates to Family Golf Week!

Hey Everyone! We hope you check out this video in regards to the schedule at Family Golf Week.

The key takeaways in which we’d like to relay to everyone today is that we will move forward with the switch to tee times starting at 8:00am daily to help enforce social distancing. We will also remain committed to any necessary measures still in tact in July on the golf course as needed including items like pins and bunker rakes.

We have expanded check-in to be two days long (Tuesday & Wednesday) to allow for a longer time frame and spread out when participants  are able to check in. Getting to town earlier will also allow you to utilize your tournament card on more practice rounds!

Furthermore we’re excited about the nearly 600 registrants so far and counting.¬† We do intend to have the same, if not more, golf courses than last year which means MORE opportunities to win prizes with less people on each golf course. This should enhance pace of play and your enjoyment!

Lastly, we intend to expand on demo night to include Wednesday so participants can join us during longer time frames to enjoy the activities we have going on!

Further updates will be shared if/when they are instituted! We thank you for your continued participation and look forward to seeing everyone soon!

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